Welding coordinator & Non-Destructive Testing

Welding coordinator

All companies involved in welding and providing welding works need qualified personnel to ensure quality of their products and services offered.

A welding coordinator is a specialised person who is certified as International Welding Engineer or Technologist (IWE/IWT). He assures that welding parts and works performed are in accordance with EN 9000, EN ISO 14731 and EN ISO 3834 and the quality of pressure equipment and load-bearing structures.

In order to guarantee the quality of welding works and to obtain welding certificates in accordance with EN ISO 3834 and EN 1090, the company must have a specific person who will carry out the tasks of welding coordinator in the company.

For the development and advancement of companies and cooperation in welding companies, nowadays it is imperative that the company obtains certificates proving the quality of their services and products offered.

NKP offers its services in form of contractual cooperation to small and medium-sized enterprises that need a welding coordinator or wish to be certified according to the above mentioned standards.

We help you establish the quality system and produce the necessary documentation to obtain certification, and we perform the tasks of the welding coordinator in your company.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non-Destructive Testing method (NDT) is the process of reviewing, testing or evaluating materials, components and/or assemblies without destroying the usefulness of an individual part or the system. Therefore, when the reviewing or the test is complete, the individual part, device and/or the entire system is still usable.

We offer you NDT services of welds and materials and machine parts