NKP offers you professional services!

Together with a wide range of reliable partners we offer you the following services:


Development and designslika1 slika2

In close cooperation with you, we help you create a quality product and/or produce the complete technical documentation necessary for the production of your product, followed by producing it.

Cutting and preparation of materialslika3

  • Cutting with automatic band saw: up to Ø 400
  • Plasma and flame cutting: up to 6000x2500mm
  • Laser cutting: up to 6000x2000mm
  • Cutting with hydraulic scissors
  • Water jet cutting
  • Bending and wrapping
  • Hydraulic press: 320 tons

Composition and weldingslika4

Most of the products offered are welded, to which we give great attention. All welders are subject to A testing. During welding we perform inter-phase and final control by means of NDT and guarantee a high quality with an International Welding Engineer (IWE). We offer the following welding types:

  • According to the MIG/MAG procedure
  • According to the TIG procedure
  • Manual arc welding
  • Welding of all structural steels
  • Welding of fine grain steels
  • Welding of stainless steels
  • Welding of steel combinations

Mechanical treatmentslika5

We offer machining of small and large products. These can be individual pieces or serial production. Contact us for a list of machines.

  • Drilling
  • Milling: classical and CNC
  • Turning: classical and CNC
  • Grinding: classical

The maximum machine load is 50 tons.

Other services

  • Thermal treatment,
  • Zinc coating,
  • Electroplating protection,
  • Sandblasting,
  • Surface protection,
  • Dusty painting
  • Transport